Bridgit | Business Team Coordinator

As Business Team Supervisor, Bridgit oversees all interactions the business team has with the patients and parents to assure accuracy and world class customer service. She is responsible for all credit card processing done monthly on each patients account.  Bridgit is also our IT tech making sure nothing falls through the cracks.  While overseeing the front desk she assists the business team with scheduling and answering phones to ensure things run smoothly.  She truly cares for your needs with her warm understanding attitude and great sense of humor.

Rebeka | Treatment Team Coordinator

Rebeka likes to keep her patients smiling and satisfied at all times. Her goal is to provide each of her patients confidence via their new smile at the end of treatment.  Rebeka’s skillful contributions to the treatment team are varied and greatly appreciated! She juggles several responsibilities along with managing the patient files to ensure efficiency at each appointment.  Rebeka often shares that being a member of the treatment team at Westside Orthodontics has been a rewarding experience for her.

Donna | Insurance Coordinator

Donna is the best at maximizing your orthodontic benefits by coordinating all insurance submissions and by initiating your payment arrangements the day treatment is started. Her contributions to Westside Orthodontics are invaluable as she continuously delivers outstanding service to our patients and families.

Lana | Scheduling Coordinator

Dedicated to every patient who walks in the door, Lana is often the first friendly face you see. She is responsible for all automatic withdrawal processes done monthly on each patients account, doctor communications along with answering your phone calls and scheduling appointments. Lana takes great pride in the friendly atmosphere at Westside Orthodontics and truly enjoys making sure you and your family feel welcome each and every visit.

Sam | Scheduling Coordinator

Knowing firsthand the importance of teamwork, Sam seamlessly coordinates the schedule between both the Westlake and Lakewood offices.  Always putting your care first, she kindly accommodates all of your needs while maintaining an efficient, timely schedule.  Sam also is responsible for answering your phone calls and connecting you with the right team member to answer your questions or concerns.  She appreciates how well the doctors and their team work together to create an excellent patient-centered atmosphere

Nicole | Treatment Team Assistant

As a member of the Treatment Team, Nicole enjoys her daily interaction with patients.  She is awesome in assisting our doctors chair-side to achieve an ideal smile for you.  Nicole loves to see patients excited and happy about their new bright, beaming smiles after treatment.

Megan C. | Treatment Team Assistant

Megan loves so many things about our practice. She’s impressed with how our doctors go above and beyond for our patients and that her teammates are all hard working while still having fun together. Her favorite appointment is the deband, as she enjoys taking the braces off and then seeing their smile of excitement. Megan also loves a challenge and wants to learn more to keep up with new technology like our laser. She also assists with the Diagnostic imagery tracings and keeps our Facebook page updated celebrating our deband patients.

 Our staff undergoing CPR training